Who we are

Lefkoff, Rubin, Gleason & Russo, P.C., is a premier creditors’ rights law firm representing creditors in bankruptcy, real property foreclosures, personal property foreclosures, additional collection matters, and real estate closings.

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1993, LRGR remains committed to the aggressive representation of its clients with a skilled combination of time-tested and innovative techniques. LRGR’s strong reputation is built upon a continued commitment to providing expert legal advice in all of LRGR’s specialized areas of practice. LRGR’s skilled team of attorneys, paralegals and assistants work closely together to ensure that all clients receive the most tactical, effective legal representation regarding their individual matters. Because LRGR’s practice is specialized, the Firm serves each client’s interests with years of experience in specific areas of law. LRGR is committed to providing quality work in an efficient manner, at competitive fees. LRGR represents a wide variety of clients including commercial banks, mortgage lenders, finance companies, loan servicing agents, institutional lenders, automobile dealerships, and credit unions.
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What we do


So many creditors’ claims are victimized by bankruptcy cram downs, lack of adequate protection, repeat case filings, and other acts of debtors who depreciate and destroy creditors’ collateral and diminish recoveries. LRGR employs aggressive techniques to stab straight on at the heart of a debtor’s case, resulting in either surrender of the collateral or protection of the creditor’s interest throughout the case. LRGR handles a full gamut of bankruptcy issues that are presented in contested matters and adversary proceedings. Cases are monitored closely to assess each debtor’s compliance and address elements of default.

Real Property Foreclosure

The Real Estate Foreclosure department of LRGR employs Georgia’s non-judicial scheme for effectuating a quick foreclosure of the subject real estate, performed within Freddie Mac and Freddie Mae guidelines. LRGR handles foreclosure actions from notice of the default to recording the deed under power. LRGR also engages in any necessary title clearing to provide its clients with clean and marketable title. Such title clearing services include obtaining pay off information, clearing outstanding liens, filing title claims and conducting any required litigation in the superior courts of Georgia to effectuate a complete and valid foreclosure sale. The Firm handles defensive foreclosures, as well, to protect the junior lien holder’s interests. The Firm also handles post foreclosure matters, such as REO Real Estate Closings and Evictions.

Personal Property Foreclosure

LRGR employs Georgia's creditor-friendly laws designed to protect the lien holder from adverse claims of repairmen, towing companies and defaulting debtors who hide collateral. LRGR’s work is efficient, and the resulting writ of possession and order requiring turnover are obtained quickly and are enforceable in all counties of Georgia. In the event a debtor or party in possession fails to turn over the collateral, he may be held in contempt. Furthermore, the Firm utilizes the State of Georgia laws that insulate creditors from paying repair bills and storage fees in most instances.

Real Estate Closing

LRGR offers comprehensive residential real estate closing services for purchases, sales, and refinances throughout the state of Georgia. Our attorneys and staff maintain strong working relationships with agents, mortgage companies, and other real estate professionals throughout the state. We operate under Georgia title standards. Our law firm is centrally located in Atlanta, Georgia, with easy access for all real estate closing participants. LRGR provides information beneficial to purchasers, sellers, real estate agents, lenders, mortgage brokers and title companies. Because the purchase of real estate is the single greatest financial investment most people will ever make, LRGR strives to make its real estate closing practice accessible and complete.


LRGR specializes in debt collection for its many lender clients. Our system of debt collection complies with all state and federal laws including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. From the demand letter to judgment, from post judgment garnishment to asset attachment, the Firm maintains an aggressive approach to maximizing client recoveries.

Our clients support our military personnel and comply with the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”). The purpose of the SCRA is to strengthen and expedite national defense by giving servicemembers certain protections in civil actions. For more information on the SCRA and the potential benefits that may be applicable, please visit the Defense Manpower Data Center’s website by going to https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/appj/dwp/index.jsp.


LRGR utilizes Georgia's creditor-friendly laws to insure its clients are able to recover and secure real property quickly and efficiently through the eviction process. LRGR follows an aggressive and consistent methodology of effectuating the legal rights of our clients in the eviction arena. Furthermore, our systems and processes are fully compliant with applicable Georgia and Federal Laws.